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We're engaged!

It's been over four months, and I still can't believe it!

I feel like we're well overdue a catch up here! It's been a crazy few months in Elizaland, and I only now feel like I'm wrapping my head around things.

I can't believe I can say, after what feels like a hundred lifetimes...that Charlie and I are going to finally get married! Actually, maybe I can believe it, as I did actually spend all of 2022 manifesting it (we'll save that convo for another day)!

Did you know that both the words fiancé and fiancée exist?

Sorry to disappoint, though - I am not spilling the tea...ever! I think, having put so much of my life online (to all five of my followers), it feels healthy to keep a couple things to ourselves. But yes, we got engaged on our Paris trip...the city of looooove!

All I will say though is that trying to get a ring on your swollen, frozen finger in -4 degree Parisian winter is tough...

It's quite funny, really. You'd think it would be this high-energy, ecstatic feeling - but instead we're both feeling an overwhelming sense of calmness. Our relationship finally feels where it should be. For any other high school sweethearts reading this, I totally understand the unique feeling of having been with someone for so long, but also still being so young!

Our hearts feel so full. We've loved celebrating with our families, reading messages from old friends and keeping our cards in the windowsill for far too long. Yes, I will quote The Chords for having could be dream, sha-boom!

We'd love to get married as soon as possible...but where the heck do you begin when it comes to planning a wedding? Are Colin and Connie appropriate cake toppers?

Lots of love, and thank you for reading this far!

E x

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