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We moved house!

Let's rewind a few weeks...

If you keep up with my blog, you've probably heard that we have recently gotten engaged and become a family of three (we're dog parents now!). Somewhere in between, we also (somehow) managed to pull off moving house!

Last time we moved house and I posted a photo of our keys...I had probably a dozen Instagram DMs warning me about key fraud. This is when people find photos of your keys online, and 3D print them so they can unlock your front door! I did actually know about this though, and had photoshopped the photo so that our keys are 'fake', so I guess it's a compliment I had so many people fooled! But yes, our new key pic is also photoshopped.

It's all been chaos in Elizaland at the moment, understandably - so we're not quite ready for a house tour! But stay tuned! For now though, I will tease you with some pockets of our home.

Thank you for reading this far, if you did, and thank you for baring with all of these life updates!

E x

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