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Recipe: Vegan Charcoal Healing Clay Face Mask

Now is definitely the time to be practicing some (generic) self care and pamper yourself. I came up with this recipe a few years ago after feeling inspired by good ol’ Pinterest.

I'm no skincare expert, at all. However, I can genuinely say that this works a charm!

What you need:

- Indian healing clay (100% calcium bentonite)

- Activated charcoal, as a capsule or a powder (as long as you can open the capsule!)

- Apple cider vinegar w/ mother

- Rose water (optional)

- Witch hazel (optional)


- Mix together the powders and liquids, avoiding any contact with metal.

- Leave on face for 5-10 minutes, depending on how sensitive your skin is.

- Keep refrigerated or top up with more liquid every few weeks.

Why Does This Work So Well? (Science!):

Here's two things you need to know - calcium bentonite is a very strong alkali, and apple cider vinegar is very acidic. People usually use water with Indian Healing Clay, though this just neutralises the pH of the calcium bentonite slightly.

However, using apple cider vinegar works far, far more effectively than just water.

Apple cider vinegar has properties that help to remove dead skin cells and even out pigmentation. It's also anti-inflammatory, which is great for calming breakouts.

Indian Healing Clay works a charm at sucking out any of the dirt that is clogged in your pores. Unlike other face mask ingredients, it is very good at drawing out impurities deep in the skin.

Next up is activated charcoal. Do you know why so many skincare brands do charcoal face masks? It's for the same reason that charcoal toothpaste exists - it is an absolute magnet to dirt! Dead skin cells, toxins and other nasties are very much attracted to activated charcoal; meaning that it's pretty much a vacuum to your skin. Charcoal also has an extremely large surface area to mass ratio, meaning that there is more space for the dirt to stick to it.

Paired with apple cider vinegar, calcium bentonite and activated charcoal are the skincare dream team!

Moving onto rose water. The primary benefit of rose water is that it is renowned for its anti-blemish properties. It's often used as a toner to tackle redness and helps calm the skin.

Finally, there's witch hazel. I have fond memories of my Grandma dabbing witch hazel onto my ankles as a child because we'd always get stung by stinging nettles, living in the countryside! So I've always associated witch hazel with care and healing...but it's fact! Witch hazel has amazing healing properties due to being anti-inflammatory and antiviral.

...and you're done!

Remember to keep the mask refrigerated, and happy pampering!


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