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Meet Susie, our longhaired miniature dachshund

A well overdue update...or maybe, pup-date? Meet the world's worst kept secret, our beautiful baby girl Susie the longhaired miniature dachshund!

After over a year of planning, and seven years of dreaming - we have finally become a family of three!

Becoming a dog mum has always been my calling, and life hasn't ever felt quite right up until now. It's always been a dream of Charlie's (have I ever even mentioned his existence on my blog?) to have a sausage dog.

Dachshunds have become increasingly trendy the last few years, with unethical breeding skyrocketing since the pandemic. We spoke to seven different breeders before we found the one that just felt right, and a few months later...our little baby Susie was born!

Susie is a longhaired, shaded red, miniature dachshund. Her biological mum was quite petite, weighing around only 4kg (The Kennel Club breed standard is 4.5-5kg), so we're expecting Susie to also be a small little lady too!

We call her Susie Valentine because we finally brought her home on February 14th! Of course we also call her Susie Sausage, but she's also known as Snoozie (when she sleeps), Big Suze (Peep Show!), The Sooze, and Woozie (because she is just a wittle baby, right?).

We, of course, want to give her the absolute best chance in life. So, we make sure to feed her a purely raw diet, with lots of fruit, vegetables and all natural chews. On weekends, she loves watching her dad play rugby and meeting all the other doggies and people at the park! We're absolutely petrified of IVDD so want to do all that we can for her.

She's been with us for almost two months now, since we brought her home when she was 8 weeks old. For the first four weeks, we did a photoshoot with her and will continue this every month until she's six months old, and then another at 1 year old, then each year from then on.

It's pretty hard being a chronically ill, technically-disabled-but-still-dealing-with-internal-ableism-so-hasn't-come-to-terms-with-having-an-invisible-disablity dog mum - but we somehow get through it.

Our lives are now finally complete, and our hearts have never felt fuller. Though of course, we are shamelessly exploiting her on Instagram and TikTok if you'd like to follow!

Thank you for reading this far, if you have, and stay tuned for more pup-dates!

E x

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