• Eliza Llewellyn

How To: Use Google Slides to Plan Your Business

Let’s talk about planning!⠀

Why Google Slides?

For years I have used Calendar by Google to schedule and sort pretty much every aspect of my life. ⠀ ⠀ Though recently, I have been trying Google Slides for social media and business planning. I’ve never got on with reminders or to-do lists, as I like to visualise my tasks and the days I have to do them. ⠀ ⠀ However, on Google Slides - I have made a calendar page from a table to plan social media and blog posts. It’s the sweet spot; being able to visualise tasks in a calendar format without it overwhelming your life calendar.

It may seem like a hefty job compared to a paper planner or a digital calendar; but I promise it is definitely far more simpler than you might think.

How I Organise My Document

Here is my method.

As part of my master document; I have two slides per month for 2020.

The first slide of the month is 'schedule'. This is where you would put both your solid and loose plans. For example, if you have a seminar to attend that month - you would put that in the schedule slide. Also, if you're planning to write a blog post, or have a mini photoshoot at home - you would put that in the schedule slide as well. ⠀

The second slide for each month is the social media schedule. This is where you would mark which days you plan to post either a blog post or a social media post. However, I don't put points such as 'write blog post' in my social media schedule. I prefer to keep 'tasks' in my main schedule slide. ⠀


Thus far, so good. ⠀

Don't fret - I haven't completely abandoned my Filofax!

Though for now, I’m going to stick with the digital alternative. ⠀

However, I find digital planning to be far more fluid, so I don't see that happening any time soon.

Keep up to date with my planning tips here.


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