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Hello 2022

Moving on from 2021

For my 2021 - the highs were high, and the lows were low.

Throughout 2021, my personal focuses were very much outward. Whilst so much is going on, not only in the wider world but also the smaller world around you - it's easy to forget about yourself and put yourself on the back burner. Although I don't regret doing that, I definitely do miss prioritising myself, and certainly feel that I've lost myself a bit and need to find Eliza again.

What I've learned during 2021

  • Sometimes, standing still is still productive to the bigger picture...

  • ...but don't forget the importance of being proactive.

  • Let go of the idea of control, as it was never in our control to begin with.

  • When times get hard, you have a choice to either struggle or do what you can.

  • Priorities change throughout different times of your life, so remember that although you're prioritising something now, it's not forever. That priority deserves your full energy now, as it's only temporary.

  • Live your life to protect yourself from regrets (and therefore live it to the full, and be as good a person to the big world and your small world as you can).

  • Resist being influenced by people who do not have the experience or perspective of what you're going through right now. Live your life on your own terms and at your own pace, because it is your life. Trust me, no one cares as much about your life and what you're doing as they might sound.

Where I'm at now going into 2022

As 2021 was an absolute rollercoaster for me, I'm choosing to focus on consistency throughout 2022. There's some little things I have done, such as making a point to drink more water and starting a night skincare routine (so fancy! I feel like a lady!). I've also started to commit to some bigger things too, like joining the gym (teenage Eliza at the peak of her GAD and social anxiety would be speechless) and cooking more (and actually eating it)!

Coming towards the end of 2021, I knew I didn't have much more to give. I like to think that no one knew that I was hanging by a thread. The only choice I've got is to reset and recover.

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