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Food from The Frome Independent

At long last, The Frome Independent has returned!

This lovely (not so) little market has been something on my bucket list since moving to the Somerset side of Bristol. Although I did go a few times as a teenager, that was around 8 years ago so this is my first visit as an adult.

We weren't particularly looking to buy any gifts or goodies today, but we definitely had food on our shopping list!

Here are all the food finds from today's trip to The Frome Independent.

Alp Mac

Of course I was super excited to see Bristol's iconic Alp Mac when we were on the scout for some yummy street food. I always pick up a bowl of their 'Classic Mac' whenever I see their tent or ABBA the Van, usually at The Harbourside Street Food Market!

One of my faves that I'll go back to every time.

The Great Cake Company

I thought I knew these brownies from somewhere, and turns out I've picked up a couple of these before from The Great Cake Company at the Keynsham Farmers' Market a few months ago!

These brownies are an absolute godsend for those of us with IBS who are just looking to get through the day! Another one of my faves, and now I've remembered their name I'll always be on the look out!

The Dorset Dairy Co

I could not resist when I saw The Dorset Dairy Co's market special - milkshake!

A memory from my childhood was having Nesquik at my Grandma and Grandad's with my cousins. Transitioning from Nesquik to innovative, farm-fresh strawberry milk truly is the way to step into adulthood.

Seeing this milk come fresh from the tap (pretty cool for a farmers' market, I know) was pretty cool and we're looking forward to using this bottle to put flowers in!

South Sun Bitlong

Since being (finally) diagnosed with IBS last year, I have not only given up a lot of foods but have also made an effort to try more foods. I've always had a tough, confusing, at times debilitating relationship with food, so finding something new and safe has always been a victory to me.

So, I was super excited to add this delicious bitlong from South Sun Bitlong to my safe list! I was vegetarian for three years as a teenager, so meats are something that I've been making sure to try as I have a lot of catching up to do!

Bitlong is a (delicious!) traditional South African snack, made of air-dried beef cured with herbs and spices, resulting in anywhere between a mild or super spicy flavour!

Dark Matters

We also picked up another brownie from Bristol-based Dark Matters, because we really love brownies in this household and couldn't resist!

This is a delicious alternative if you're looking to eat vegan!


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