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Food at Disneyland Paris

If I could give a piece of advice for anyone about to go to Disneyland for the first time - be prepared to walk a lot and eat a lot. The least steps we did in a day was over 17k, with the most being over 23k. We booked with a half board but still completely underestimated the amount of fuel we would need to keep going throughout the week.

So behold, a happy lil round up of what we ate whilst at the Disney parks!

Main Street USA

Of course we had to try some Mickey shaped treats, so we were super excited to pick up a cake pop and 30th anniversary beignet at Main Street USA! Maybe it's a given that anything Mickey shaped tastes absolutely amazing? If I could eat cake pops for the rest of my life, I certainly would.

Chuck Wagon Cafe all-you-can-eat breakfast

Someone please tell me how Disney scramble their eggs because the breakfast buffet at Hotel Cheyenne was possibly the best I've ever eaten! And of course, any Mickey shaped food is delicious! If you're planning to stay at a Disney hotel, you absolutely must try the breakfast!

Casey's Corner

Casey's Corner was our first pit stop after a day of travelling from England to France. Maybe it was just my exhaustion and hunger but this hot dog might have been the best I've ever eaten. I usually avoid mustard but it was still delicious! The hot chocolate was also perfect, and the ideal pick-me-up!

Bistro Chez Remy

The atmosphere at Bistro Chez Remy is super cute and very Disney, and definitely justifies dining here despite the bog standard food. Although the food overall was lovely, the menu was quite basic. We also spent two hours dining, whereas the couple next to us were in and out within an hour, so was a bit frustrating having to wait long between each course.

L’Hiver Gourmand at Walt Disney Studios

Whilst we were at Disneyland, the L'Hiver Gourmand was open at the Walt Disney Studios. We heard great things about the reblochon cheese tartiflette so had to give it a taste! For 6 euros I do wish the portion was a bit bigger, but it was still worth it! This is one you have to try if you're around before it closes in March!

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