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Eliza's Springtime SPF Reminder

Have a scroll to the bottom of my Instagram feed and you’ll find that when the days become sunnier I usually like to give a lil Ted talk on UV protection. Anybody who knows me personally knows that this has become an extremely important matter to my heart over the last ten years, and I wouldn’t wish the heartbreak something so simple as UV protection can cause, onto anyone.⁣

Please protect your skin, you guys. We are so blessed that science has advanced enough for us to have relatively easy access to UV protection such as sunscreen or hats and clothing with a high UPF. ⁣

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the UK, with the majority of cases caused by excessive UV exposure. Getting sunburnt ONCE every two years TRIPLES your risk of skin cancer (Source: Cancer Research UK). Natural tanning of the skin is also caused by UV penetration (Source: Live Science). Once the DNA is mutated through the skin and through the blood vessel, it will then spread to other parts of the body - possibly developing less treatable or life threatening cancers.⁣

It’s only been in the last 10 to 12 years that the standard of sunscreen available to buy has changed, with only 6% of sunscreens having a SPF of 5 (what?!) by 2009 (Source: University of Utah). ⁣

We are so blessed to have access to safer science now, so please remember to keep a bottle of sunscreen handy while the sun is out!

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