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Corners of our kitchen

Welcome to our kitchen!

It's only been two months since we moved into our lovely new home, so we're still moving things around and seeing what fits best here. The kitchen is, of course, the heart of the home though - so naturally, we've started there.

Our cabinets and flooring are grey, so something we were keen to have lots of throughout our kitchen in particular is colour. Reds, oranges and yellows, paired with splashes of blue and teal have worked really well, with greenery bringing it all together. We've also tried to add natural tones and textures throughout, with cork and wood. I don't know too much about interior design, so maybe as I learn more we may change it around a bit...but this is where we're at! Eventually I will do a full tour so you can see the whole kitchen but until then...

So, here are a few corners of our kitchen that I'm loving at the moment!

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