• Eliza Llewellyn

A Little Update

Hello friends,

I have been super busy lately! A lot of exciting things are going on for me at the moment. This is why I’ve not been as active on my social media recently. I’m starting to take bookings for 2020 now - pop me a message if you fancy it!

Here’s a little secret: I’ve actually only been doing this since July. My freelancing career has progressed far too quickly and intensely than I anticipated for this stage of my journey. It has been a little overwhelming, so I am taking the time to recalibrate while I finish off this year’s upcoming shoots.

Credit: Lemon Media

I am so, so grateful and surprised by the progress of all of this. Such development has also made me consider a few of the finer details of ELP - such as the name itself. I’m trying to figure that out.

Also, my laptop has gotten a little poorly. She’s on the mend but has to take things slow. I’ve pushed her with intense photo editing, website designing and book keeping these last few months. Though for now, she is having a rest - except for the dreaded editing sessions with her. She gives it her all, and gets through it but I think soon I’ll have to say goodbye to her.

I’ve found it a little difficult to own my success and put my face on it. The third person marketing wasn’t working for me - especially as ELP is quite literally...me. This is also why I have been struggling so much to kick-start my blog! I love writing but it is very daunting to write about yourself...

So, yeah. Expect to see some changes coming soon. Also expect to not see some ... whatever, for a little while. There are so many aspects to freelancing, and it can be difficult sometimes to give them all attention. Social media needs to be neglected for a bit while I’m occupied with being a busy bee!

If you read this far, thanks. I’ll speak again soon.

Eliza x