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3 reasons why you need an indoor herb garden in your kitchen

Hello friends! A lot of my blog audience come from my Instagram audience, so most of you probably know I have a cute lil herb garden in my kitchen! At the moment, we have basil (anyone else always think of Basil Brush?), rosemary, mint, thyme and parsley. Last year we did also have a tomato plant in our kitchen, which we might do again this year! Tempted? Here are three reasons why you should absolutely have a herb garden in your kitchen!

Science says you should!

Keeping plants indoors doesn't only just make your house feel like a home, but also have scientific benefits too! Indoor plants hold the magic power to reduce stress and anxiety, and can seriously improve your wellbeing. Houseplants have become even more important since the *whispers* pandemic, as having them in your environment has been proven to increase recovery from illness, improve air quality and even boost your productivity (which is so important nowadays when working from home)!

Herbs are also jam-packed with lots of vitamins, so if you're planning on making use of them beyond homely decor....this is your sign! Now, that leads me onto my next point...

They're useful!

There are so many more uses for herbs other than cooking! Of course, you can make a delicious basil pesto for a comfort pasta dish (if anybody has a good recipe please let me know!). But you can also make, for example, rosemary oil at home! Rosemary oil is great for pain relief, and pairs perfectly with a morning acupressure session (chronic illness friends, you know what I mean!).

Plants bring life into the heart of the home!

We all know that the kitchen is the heart of the home. When you're not cooking, however, the kitchen may look a little sad... Bringing nature into your kitchen is the perfect way to bring life into the kitchen! There's nothing more welcoming than a cosy kitchen with a windowsill garden! I'm a shameless homebody, and I love love love spending time in the kitchen (whether I'm cooking or not!), especially as it's so darn cute and cosy!

So, if you fancy making your house feel that bit more like a home, cooking something homegrown, or making something natural and homemade - a herb garden is for you! If you have any herbs in your home, please send me a pic, I'd love to see!

Until next time friends,

E x

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